Increasing Patient Engagement with Appointment Software

Patients no longer play a passive role when it comes to their care. Numerous initiatives expect healthcare professionals to engage with patients about their health and treatment plans. More often than not, they are being encouraged to be more active and patients to have a say in the dental health services they receive. Existing and new patients who engage with their dental provider begin to understand the importance of good oral health and want to establish more ways to continue improving it.

Successful patient engagement is an integral element of healthcare and is vital for building long-term relationships, communication, and positive clinical care plans. It strengthens the relationship between a patient and care provider, and is an essential element when creating patient-centred services. When a patient is engaged, they are in a better position to make decisions about their care and treatments – so a good relationship between patient and their dentist ensures patients will receive treatment and care based on their individual needs to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

With our new technology Denchat, we are redefining the way patients engage with their dental practice and the overall experience on their practice journey from booking an appointment to receiving their care. Through automating and enhancing points of patient communication, DenChat integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other social media messaging platforms to automatically communicate with patients, answering patients frequently asked questions and takes care of appointment bookings. Our automated software improves practice and patient engagement in an easy, user-friendly way.

Creating a system that allows patients to manage their appointments independently and communicate with their dental practice helps improve efficiency and curates a holistic approach to their dental care and treatment plan. Patients will have questions – so instead of calling and waiting to speak to the practice team, they can ask a question directly through all practice social media platforms using DenChat. This in turn allows patients to be provided with the answer they need quickly and efficiently.

The AI technology integrates with your practice management system to provide effective and efficient service to patients. DenChat creates a self-efficient experience for patients to book, reschedule and cancel appointments, and asks the right questions to manage their care. Any patient responses are communicated to your appointment systems directly to save time and are triaged according to value and demand.

Using real-time data, intelligent chatbot technology reduces the administrative workload for more valuable tasks while providing more flexibility for patients to ask questions and make an appointment in their own time, improving the overall patient care experience.

If you’re looking to improve patient engagement and communication at your practice, contact us directly for more information about DenChat and how our software can improve patient relationships and practice efficiency.

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