How DenChat Will Improve Social Media Campaigns

With the evolution of technological advances, social media platforms have grown from being a form of connection for people to a strategic and commercial phenomenon used by businesses in all industries across the world. As a dental practice, improving overall efficiency, treatment plans, and patient engagement are among the top business priorities. Marketing is a big part of this – specifically social media marketing.

It is essential that while still taking care of existing patients, you are attracting new patients to the dental practice. There are endless benefits to using social media for your business. Your dental practice can post and create campaigns that educate, engage, and entertain existing patients and potential new patients. One of the top ways of increasing new patient admissions is through social media campaigns. Using technology for patient engagement, you can market and increase patient loyalty and trust, which will lead to more patients visiting the dental practice regularly.

Building a presence on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, establishes authority while building credibility and trust. Creating a social media campaign is an effective way of booking appointments, directing website traffic, and connecting with prospective patients. An advert campaign will direct prospective patients to your website landing page where the practice can collect data based on the information provided. Prospect inquiries and appointment bookings are then written and followed up by the administrative team. Following up on questions and appointment bookings is a time-consuming task for practice administrators. Any delays can prevent prospects from converting into a physical appointment – resulting in an ineffective social media campaign.

DenChat technology converts traffic to leads and engages with the prospective patient through one of the integrated communication platforms (including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp), and facilitates engagement by allowing the patient to directly book themselves into the practice appointment management software while minimising time and resources required from the practice.

The aim is to optimise patient communication and advert campaigns to generate physical appointments through the automated booking system. Both your clinic and the patients are more in control throughout the process and waiting times on appointment bookings are reduced. Engagement from social media campaigns leads to patients selecting their appointment based on the practice management calendar and independently book themselves into the software. There are benefits to patients and the practice alike, improving communication with a user-friendly automated system that will allow for more efficiency with limited resources.

If you’re looking to optimise the success of your social media campaigns, using DenChat will improve appointment bookings and the efficiency of your practice team while raising awareness through your campaigns. For more information about the software and how it can benefit your practice, contact us today.

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