How to communicate effectively in your dental clinic

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, dental practices have implemented procedures and restrictions to support the running of their business while still providing patient care. Adapting dental practices to meet government guidelines has seen increased pressure on clinical and administrative staff. With changes to waiting rooms, staff working from home and appointment types, strategies were required to ensure practices could run as smoothly as possible. It is unlikely that the way the running of dental practises have changed since the pandemic will go away anytime soon.

As well as virtual waiting rooms and self-check-in being automated to avoid cross-contamination, dental practices have been seen to utilise digitalised technology to improve communication of COVID measures being implemented in the practise as well as any updates from government guidance. 

Patient engagement improves the relationship between the patient and practice, and effective communication has been seen to improve the patient experience, trust with the practice, and establishes a long-term relationship. When it comes to COVID restrictions, it’s a government requirement to keep patients aware of the ongoing changes.

Clinic staff were continuously adapting to any new rules and regulations set in place, as well as ensuring patients were always adhering to COVID regulations. On top of their current workload, this increased the pressure to ensure the paramount importance of safety. As Government guidelines altered with the changing circumstances, practice staff needed to ensure that regulations reflected the from the government.

Whether it’s through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or messaging apps, such as Messenger or WhatsApp, patients and prospects can obtain any important practice information and updates on COVID restrictions through DenChat technology. As patient flow and practice efficiency improve, the check-in process and waiting rooms could see a permeant change for the future.

Automating the way patients and prospects obtain information through clinic websites and social media platforms will see an increase in effective patient engagement. Patients and prospects can use DenChat software to ask questions and receive updates on current and future restrictions before booking an appointment and attending the practice.

By keeping patients and prospects up to date on the latest guidelines and practice regulations, they are more informed before attending an appointment. DenChat can assist by improving the way this is communicated to patients. Contact us directly to find out how your dental practice would benefit from DenChat technology. 

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