How Self-Check-In Improves Patient Flow

A fundamental element of a dental practice is the patient journey. Patients want their time and care journey at the dentist to be as straightforward as possible. By integrating self-check-in through DenChat technology, the software links to the practice clinical system for automated check-in, making queues an element of the past and relieves pressure on practise staff.

Through the implementation of COVID restrictions, check-in kiosks have become a less suitable option as regulations aim to reduce cross-contamination through contact surfaces. With the current climate and evolution of technology across various industries, automating software is becoming an increasingly popular way to improve patient flow while managing practice workflow and staff pressures.

In the age of COVID and social distancing measures, patients wouldn’t need to enter and touch a screen with software like DenChat. Patient self-check-in functionalities have been utilised in dental and general practice surgeries over the past several years. However, with our DenChat technology, patients can self-check-in through commonly used applications like WhatsApp.

Through WhatsApp, patients can send a message that automatically changes their status on the dental practices appointment system to “arrived”, confirming their arrival and their proximity to the practise. However, the messaging platform around which the service is delivered can be determined by the dental clinic. Denchat is designed to save the practice time – instead of calling up or signing in themselves, it is all done through the patient’s device. It also means patients don’t have to wait around in a queue to be checked in for their appointment, it is done in a matter of seconds.

DenChat drives notifications and messages through messaging and social media platforms as each appointment stage progress. As the patient’s appointment progresses, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) interprets the patient’s response to determine the message’s ‘Intent’ and updates the patient’s ‘appointment status’ accordingly. Denchat allows patients to self-check-in while in a virtual waiting room and provides updates and reminders. By automating the movement of patients in or out of the dental clinic, DenChat is changing the way patients experience by giving them more autonomy to manage their own time and environment.

Save time in your practice by using our latest DenChat software that will allow patients to have more control of their appointment bookings and check-in times. To find out how DenChat can improve your practice workflow, contact us today at DenChat.

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